Originally, she is the Earth 2 cousin of Superman but that has been changed in so many different ways. Wolverine has a healing factor, and that means he is almost immortal. On the other hand, Red Hulk can't exert too much energy at one time. Enlist the help and support of others to help offset your weaknesses. Superman's most well-known weakness is irradiated pieces of his home planet known as Kryptonite, which can affect him in a variety of different ways. He has also had his share of troubles, and his dark side has even physically manifested itself in an evil entity called Onslaught. Shes nearly as strong as Superman, and a far better fighter because of her years of training as an Amazonian warrior. In the earliest decades of superhero comics from companies like DC Comics, every superhero had a weakness to balance out their incredible abilities. For Green Lantern, there is nothing worse than Batman, painted in the color of your weakness, sipping lemonade and passing judgment on you.And thus, to taunt him, Batman instructed Robin to paint an entire room and himself yellow in Frank Miller's All-Star Batman & Robin. If his body burns through his nutrients too fast, and he has no food, it weakens him in any fight. Wiccan also has to hear himself say his spell, meaning that any noise loud enough to disrupt his hearing will keep him from being able to cast any spell in a fight. Antimatter Manipulation Major 12. Shawn S. Lealos is a senior writer on ScreenRant who fell in love with movies in 1989 after going to the theater to see Tim Burton's Batman as his first big screen experience. Jesus, however, has no kryptonite. He has worked as a journalist for 25 years, starting in newspapers and magazines before moving to online media as the world changed. NEXT: Black Adam - 10 Characters, Ranked By Power. NEXT:10 Hero Weaknesses In DC Comics You Didnt Know About. When Wally West was Kid Flash, he could only go so fast before it aggravated a heart condition. He flies because the suit can fly. In most of his. However, there are other weaknesses that make little sense outside of giving otherwise ultra-powerful heroes something they have to fight to overcome. Possessing a secret identity. It isn't his ego that threatens to always ruin his plans, although it doesn't help. However, for every legitimate weakness like Superman's Kryptonite, there is a weakness that is so silly that it comes across as ridiculous. tSuperman & Lois Season 3 is really challenging the very core of Superman's character in these latest episodes, as Clark continues to struggle with coping with Lois ' cancer diagnosis. It also doesn't help if she gets sick and loses her voice, which makes her nothing more than a normal human. While those two weaknesses make plenty of sense, there is one other weakness that the Human Torch had that makes no sense at all. After successfully stopping a few of them, the world took notice and began hailing him as their next savior. Thor had to be connected to his hammer. No one, even the strongest superhero, is perfect. Her weakness is raw unprocessed natural materials. He can not transmute humans or animals in any way. However, it is important to note that creator William Marston might have used this as a way to show that Wonder Woman was not a damsel in distress, and she just needed to find creative ways to get out of the predicament without use of her super strength to break the bindings. Turns out that the cookies created a chemical reaction to Martians that caused an addiction that had to be exorcized. Magic can affect different parts of his physical body, which is not a big surprise. When the two men are out of water for too long, they weaken and lose strength. He can interface with any computer, including those controlling weapons and technology, and download any information he needs to operate any system. She becomes more powerful, but its not her committing these acts, so we chalk this up as a weakness. Apparently, shards from the destroyed planet can weaken Superman and even kill him and small meteorites have made their way to Earth to keep the man of steel humble. Aquaman shares a weakness with Namor, the Sub Mariner. Shawn is a former member of the Society of Professional Journalists and current member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle. Flash is the fastest man alive. If Captain Marvel Jr. says his name, he reverts back to human and is instantly depowered. But developing the nuances of a superhero with a backstory, abilities, and moral boundaries is even more difficult. Superheroes' weaknesses make them more complex characters and allow for conflict within stories. Her connection to Superman and her origins as a Kryptonian has fluctuated over the years, which resulted in an unusual weakness that remains one of the weirdest facts about Power Girl. Some of the weaknesses make sense based on the character's powers, but others just seem strange and out of place in the Marvel Universe. The Speed Force, which gives The Flash his powers, disrupts Green Lantern's ring functions, which was shown in The Flash Vol. The way this weakness works is that the original Green Lantern's ring energy was ineffective against anything made of wood. In Captain Marvel Jrs case, this may no longer apply since Shazam has been retconned and Captain Marvel is no longer a thing in the DC universe. With it, hes been able to clean the streets of Star City all the while creating some of the coolest arrows and gadgets in the history of comic books. She is now on an Earth 2 that I care not to go into but that doesnt change the fact of why shes on this list. This is a sonic attack where she screams and can destroy just about anything depending on the level of the scream. I mean, come. Animation Minor 6. 218 to start the final round. Here are 10 obvious superhero weakness that villains almost never attack. While that makes sense for Namor, who came from under the sea, this weakness for Aquaman makes no sense and is just a dumb weakness for this DC Comics hero to have. He's not the only DC character with a unique weakness either. However, if a man were to tie them up, they would lose all of their effectiveness. Oliver Queen is the owner of Queen Industries. This was shown in a comic book where wood pierced through her skin, weakening her until Supergirl pulled it out and mocked her for it. Cyclops? The Black Widow debuted as an adversary for Iron Man in an issue of Marvel's Tales Of Suspense more than 50 years ago. The Titans discuss how all superheroes have weaknesses and that they are actually part of an individual's strength. Everything that I do is for my family. This list of SuperPowers and strategic writing tips will equip you to write well-rounded heroes or villains for your novel, . He can not stay away from Earth for more than a year at a time. This really limits where Scott could battle evil as 30-percent of the Earth is forest land and there is enough wood there to keep Alan Scott completely powerless in a fight. His biggest weakness has always been leaving the water. The canereverted to its true form of Thors hammer, Mjolnir. The New England Patriots moved down to 17th overall, added a fourth-round pick, and they still landed the second-best cornerback on the PFF big board. I am a family man first and foremost. None. Superman is usually rooted in science-fiction, yet the lack of magic on his home planet creates an inherent weakness to more fantastical elements like magic that can weaken or even kill the Man of Steel. Like with most great powers, theres a catch: if he spends more than 24 hours in the astral plane, his bodystarts to deteriorate, and it could lead to death. But, honestly, if that is his weakness, why would he ever say the word? As Scarlet Witchs son, Wiccan is one of Marvel's most powerful magic users, but he also has an even bigger weakness than not being able to speak. However, if an ordinary man happens to be able to sneak up on her and b. she is powerless. Superheroes are a power fantasy and Wonder Woman is meant to be a liberating figure. Reed Richards: Fantastic Four Power Synergism, Jean Grey: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Wolverine: Sensory Overload (And Drowning, But Good Luck), 20 Marvel Characters So Powerful The MCU Had To Weaken Their Abilities, 15 Marvel Characters Who Are Powerful Enough To Beat Thanos, 10 Marvel Characters In Black Widow's Inner Circle (And 10 Biggest Enemies), 15 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Disney+ Show (And Why). While not the worst weakness of the bunch, it is still something that the enemy can try to exploit in battle. However, he's also incredibly weak to magic. Wally West was one of the first speedsters to discover the Speed Force. Wonder Woman explained sharp objects are always deadlier than blunt force. In the comics, even a lit match is enough to make the symbiote run in terror. Staff Writer for CBR, Sage Ashford has also written for Comicon as well as other sites such as The Gamer, and has been doing freelance work since 2014, and been working for CBR since 2017. The ruler and protector of Wakanda has so many things to like about his abilities, but this particular weakness is one that people can capitalize on. Unlike Superman, who has his Kryptonite to level things out, Gladiator does not have a weakness like that. Many people don't seem to understand why Superman is allergic to Kryptonite since it was simply a part of his home planet. Ability to scar my beautiful face. His powers put him in league with Superman and in my opinion, make him even more powerful. Superheroes are a power fantasy and Wonder Woman is meant to be a liberating figure. Classic characters like Alan Scott will appear again as the original Green Lantern, and the series is set to kick off a new group of comic titles that will explore a mystery in the DC universe. Ill go on record saying that if I was ever offered superpowers, Id politely declineand heres why. Yet since his debut in 1963, Stephen Strange has always had one major weakness: his injured hands, which ended his career as a surgeon and still afflict him in the present. Even Superheroes Have Weaknesses. Privacy Policy - Cookies Policy - Terms and Conditions, Sometimes the power of a superhero can be overwhelming. He can project blasts of energy because the suit can project blasts of energy. The greatest weakness for Thanos is Thanos. However, Gladiator has one of the dumbest weaknesses in comics. When he taps into the Speed Force, nothing on Earth can really hurt him. "I'm self . These include wood and rocks. The most obvious example is Superman and Kryptonite, giving the most powerful character in comic book history one major weakness that a human villain like Lex Luthor can utilize to try to bring him down. The Fantastic Four are all able to utilize each other to help remain as powerful as possible, and time away from each other can be detrimental, especially for relative loner Reed Richards. There are a few things about Wonder Woman that make little sense, including her weaknesses. 3 is a hell of a send-off one that shows how vibrant and strange the MCU can be, but only when it's also painfully personal . While critics blasted it for a weak story, fans loved it mostly because of the action and Dwayne Johnson's charisma. However, the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, had a more obscure weakness that many readers are unaware of. Adam Warlock may be the man that led the charge against Thanos in the comics, but he has yet to officially appear in the MCU. For every superhero or supervillain, there is a weakness that puts them in danger. His enemies, like Lex Luthor, have utilized red solar energy in their ongoing battle against Superman, which can weaken him enough to take him out. Shawn is also a published author, with a non-fiction book about the Stephen King Dollar Baby Filmmakers and has begun work on a new fiction series as well. '90s Anti-Hero: A ruthlessly violent super- antihero, with gritty design and an angsty/irreverent personality, who were especially popular during The '90s at the height of The Dark Age of Comic Books. The character can lift tanks, but a knife can spell defeat. The Punisher is deserving of being here and as such, one of my superheroes who have no superpowers. InMartian Manhunter Vol. He is also someone whose body is constantly living in super speed. Raised and trained by Bruce Wayne in detective work and crime fighting, Nightwing been a notable figure in groups such as the Titans and has even temporarily assumed the role of Batman in Bruce's absence. Because Cassie has this ability that she developed at a young age due to being trained since bir. If youre watching it, Im writing about it, and having a great time doing so. Some fans don't know Martian Manhunter has most of Superman's abilities, along with telepathy, invisibility, and shape-shifting. While there is nothing that actually hurts Martian Manhunter when it comes to flame, he loses control over his powers and is vulnerable to injury when in this state of mind. The problem is that he will steadily lose control of his senses and fall into a berserker rage, which breaks the laws set by Odin. He can't lift wood or destroy wood with his ring's energy and it can even disrupt his power. With the help of Rip Hunters Time Sphere, a Legion Flight Ring, Brainiac 5s Force Field Belt, and a Power Suit, Booster Gold traveled back to the present day and began thwarting crimes that already happened. As a matter of fact, Hulk might be the most powerful being in the entire universe as his powers just increase more and more the angrier he gets and pain just adds on strength and endurance until he can beat anyone. Top 10 Superhero Weaknesses VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton Script written by Jamie Leslie Superheroes embody everything we define as strength, however it doesn't mean they don't have weaknesses of their own. The ring couldn't destroy or defend itself against what it was designed to protect. Reports from the Sony Pictures panel at Cinemacon are in: Kraven the Hunter will be the company's first R-rated superhero film. In other words, if she wants someone to stop, she says pots -- an ability that is part of Logomancy. All an opponent has to do is make him lose confidence in himself to beat him. If Daredevil were in the military, he would easily be the greatest soldier on the battlefield. In her early days, Zatanna's villains could stop her with a simple cloth bag. Green Arrow. A superhero with no weaknesses is a boring hero and there has to be that Achilles heel that the villains can use to make it seem like the heroes can fall in battle. He couldn't go beyond the speed of light. Although an argument can be made for her time as Batgirl, its her time as Oracle that lands her on this list. She was also one of the Justice League's most experienced leaders, having worked with different iterations of the team for years. Namor just might make his way into the MCU during this new phase, and should this be the case, then we have to wonder if this weakness will be seen on screen. He cant fly, teleport, project blasts of energy, or perform any other superhero feat. This leads to the question of whether or not heightened senses are a superpower. For as powerful as Flash is if he runs too fast, he can destroy himself. This is by far one of the worst weaknesses any superhero has ever had. If Red Hulk fights too hard, he gets hotter and hotter until eventually, he burns out. The comic books have shown that it can be nothing more than just loud music, so if someone literally just blasts heavy metal, they have one-upped Venom. As we all know Superman was born on another planet which was destroyed. However, magic affecting him makes little sense, given his invulnerability. The Green Lantern members have always had strange weaknesses. Dinah Lance was one of the founding members of the Justice League as Black Canary. Queen Industries is a leading tech company thats granted Oliver unheard-of wealth. Daredevil became a superhero after an accident left him blind and his remaining senses heightened. However, this is also his weakness. The most interesting thing about Barry Allen's passing was that it lasted longer than just about any major hero and it just turned out he was stuck in the Speed Force, buthis strength as his weakness being the exact same thing is very strange. These are weaknesses that only pop up randomly and are often a plot device to undermine a hero in a fight they should otherwise win. This is a way to do almost anything by saying the spell backward, powerful enough to earn the title of a Sorceress Supreme. As a result, Gladiator is one of those characters that seem almost boring since he is so overpowered. They do have weaknesses. Step One: Research 3 superheroes (see attachment) - Superhero Database. Anything that can short-circuit him can depower him -- and the biggest weakness is water. So, what is Ethyl Chloride? This got retconned after comics revealed the Starheart, its role as the Green Flame of Earth, and its connection to growing things like plants and trees. Green Lantern has one of DC Comics' most famous weaknesses, as he can't do anything to something yellow, and any yellow weapon can cause severe damage. If he gets blasted with the right amount of Ethyl Chloride, it will drain him of all his spider-like powers and could end his life if the dosage is enough. He is also susceptible to drowning, though pulling this off successfully is virtually impossible. My answer is an empathic no. Tony Stark is only able to do anything super because of the specially designed suit of armor. My page isn't called That is Evil for nothing - we can't have our superheroes all nice and spotless, can we? What about Shazam? his senses so sharp that hes able to decipher exactly how many bullets are in a gun, she is highly trained in martial arts, a gymnast is able to go undetected, Andy Samberg to Play Scarlet Spider in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, New Captain America 4 Report Teases a Connection Between Eternals and X-Men, Rumor: Antonio Banderas Has Been Offered the Role of the Popular Marvel Villain. Celebrated since 1995, National Superhero Day was created by Marvel employees. Antiforce Manipulation Major 12. This is a terrible weakness for Adam Strange because it is a Zeta-Beam that allows him to go from Earth to Rann and when he gets transported back to Earth -- usually without notice -- he is stuck there without his powers until the beam reaches Rann again. Martians weakness for fire is what helped Batman defeat a room full of Martians in a classic Justice League story. However, if you overload him with noise then you have a good chance of defeating him. This weakness persisted into the 90s and was emphasized in many stories. Having a superhero with no weaknesses makes for a mostly boring reading experience. These weaknesses come from the character's origins and have a direct tie to what made them a hero to begin with. Raven? Superman's powers come from his bio-matrix force field but that also causes this weakness as magic disrupts that force field. Superman is susceptible to kryptonite. Tossing a sharp rock at her head would be more effective than a fist-to-fist fight with Doomsday. Top image: Artwork by Tara Jacoby 1) The Unwieldy Cape Capes aren't the best accessories to sport in the midst of. In, his heightened senses are much better than sight making him a very formidable superhero. Plant life, by extension, also caused his power to weaken. Franks methods are extreme and always involve killing any he targets. Up to 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered in water, so that limits where Electro can accomplish his most impressive feats. A weakness to Kryptonite radiation feels consistent with his character. Even Superman has a famous kryptonite, or something that is the ultimate weakness for a superhero. When youre one of the worlds foremost assassins, you really dont need any superpowers, do you? As a superhero whose powers came from Hell, it makes sense that his little-known weakness was Heaven-sent. However, it was the darkness in Sentry, called the Void, that caused him to annihilate many people and become a villain, so he chose to have the world forget him and went on with his life, unable to even remember he was the Sentry. That wasn't quite the same for Freddy Freeman, who would become Captain Marvel, Jr. Thor had to be connected to his hammer. For as similar as Green Arrow and Hawkeye are, Green Arrow is the one with massive financial backing. Daredevil is known for usinghis other senses to make up for his loss of sight, but this has also become a detriment of his. hes just a guy with a glowing green ring. Once he failed, he transformed himself into a vigilante and began unleashing a brutal form of justice on any who do wrong. It was later retconned that the weakness came from an impurity in the GLC's Central Power Battery. Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. For many years, Iron Man had a heart problem that required his chest plate to remain charged. The Black Adam movie even showed his weakness, although it slightly downplayed it in the end. When the two men are out of water for too long, they weaken and lose strength. Ok now, this is a bit sexist and slightly pornographic. Power Girl is Earth 2's version of Kara Zor-El, that world's Supergirl. These two heroes go in together because not only are they related to each other of sorts but they havethe same weakness. However, if an ordinary man happens to be able to sneak up on her and bound her by her bracelets, she is powerless. Lets tackle the obvious and easiest one first. Sure, these heroes know how to tiptoe around their problems and eventually save the day, but their vulnerability in certain situations always makes for a compelling story that will keep people on the edge of their seats. Dont get me wrong, Wolverine is a great character but over the years they kept throwing things at him and he would not die. The list of Batmans vehicles is long and cant be defined fully here. I mean, come on, hes the nuclear man. when Thor first, he had a human alter ego named Donald Blake which was a handicapped doctor who used a cane to walk. It does, however, include the Batmobile, Batcopter, Batboat,Batwing, Tumbler, and Batpod. After the worldwide success that the MCU's Captain Marvel had, Marvel Comics continues to dominate the film and television industry. If there is one weakness that seems dumber than all others, it is the sole true weakness of Mister Mxyzptlk. Saying that The Flashs weakness is speed makes as much sense as Supermans weakness being sunlight. Adam Warlock once said that the one thing that will always stop him is that Thanos will never let himselfwin because he has never considered himself worthy enough to possess the power he possesses. It is the weakness upon which all other weaknesses are built. This was a time where asbestos was basically Kryptonite to fire-based heroes, but soon, in no surprise, the Asbestos Man contracteda disease due to his suit. He has work published in newspapers such as Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma Gazette and magazines such as Vox Magazine, Loud Magazine, and Inside Sports Magazine. He can transmute anything except anything organic. For as powerful as Flash is if he runs too fast, he can destroy himself. He can actually generate up to 10,000 volts of energy per minute and that makes him extremely dangerous if he ever took his power to the limit. When Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross became the thing he hated the most -- a Hulk -- he had one power that was the polar opposite of his green-skinned nemesis. Ability to turn anything into gas. He is also invulnerable, has superhuman speed and stamina, and accelerated healing factor in case anything does happen to somehow hurt him. Luckily, DC eliminated this weakness and it no longer exists. Unfortunately, her powers require an immense amount of concentration, and any break in that concentration will throw an immediate ripple into things and cause problems. However, this proved to be too costly of a weakness and Zatanna eventually learned how to manipulate other powerful forms of magic in case her speech was ever taken. Green Lantern can combat any foe that he comes across .as long as the color yellow is not involved. Firestorm the Nuclear Man is very powerful indeed. If he falls into a trap that includes extreme temperatures (hot or cold), it can nullify his Speed Force and durability. All of your information and creations will be put on a power point presentation. There is no space corps involved. Luckily for Thor, the really dumb weakness that he had in the comic books for years was wiped out and he was able to make it through that movie without his trusty hammer. However, as anyone who reads comics knows, every character has some weakness, and these are a little more obscure in some cases. Apr 28, 2023. Let's take a look at the 10 lamest weaknesses in DC comics, ranked from the least lame to the lamest. But this is too classic to let go. He has worked as a journalist for over 25 years, first in the world of print journalism before moving to online media as the world changed. Of course, in the Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Comics world, writers started to play with how ridiculousMister Mxyzptlk's weaknesses were. Sentry is the most powerful character on Earth in the Marvel Comics universe. When it comes to churning out popular heroes, Marvel is arguably the biggest and best of the bunch. In terms of his weakness, Vision has rigidity issues. You, The fastest man alive has a weakness that is his greatest strength. He is blind with heightened senses. Honestly, it is just a way to give someone as overpowered as Superman a weakness to make him more interesting, but it really makes no sense that magic is his biggest Achilles heel. Through Wayne Industries, Bruce has access to technology that could turn me from a simple father of two into Gothams next big hero. It is a medication used to prevent pain caused by minor surgeries and injections. While he is technically not the most powerful fictional character in existence, Superman, a.k.a Clark Kent or Kal-El, is often viewed as a prime example of an overpowered superhero. His healing factor will keep him alive longer than others, but it will only prolong his agony. When he walked this earth, he had all the Super Powers of God himself. Shawn received his Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma with a minor in Film Studies. While that seemed like a dumb weakness for this antihero, the good news is that the writers of Marvel Comics realized over time that a simple match was just silly and had Venom build a resistance to varying levels of thermal attacks. In Captain Marvel Jrs case, this may no longer apply since Shazam has been retconned and Captain Marvel is no longer a thing in the DC universe. However, from the time that Thor entered the Marvel Comics universe until 1984, he had one major weakness that seemed really dumb. This gave him superpowers and he ended up getting married, having a child, and enjoying life on his new planet. At the base level, Electro is a living battery and can generate energy and harness it to many effects. 4 #16 by Peter David and Leonard Kirk, when she said sticks and stones could break her. I saved 1,200 people on a cruise ship. Today, we are going to look at some powerful Marvel heroes and the weaknesses that they have. He was raised on Earth and spent more time on land than in water as a child growing up. Nope. Because he has heightened sense, master tacticians can lure him into situations that will cause a sensory overload, creatinga chance to take him down. bon secours hr servicenow,
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